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Small Tools

Pole Position offer a variety of small tool courses both on site and at our training facility.  Some of our courses are listed below, if you can't find what you are looking for please contact us as we have a hand picked selection of quality instructors that may be able to deliver the course. 

Cable Avoidance Tools

(CAT & Genny)

Abrasive Wheels 

Grinders, Road saw etc 

We can offer CAT & Genny courses to suit your needs, we use radio detection cat 4 plus so please let us know if you have a specific model you require training on. 

We can offer abrasive wheel awareness courses and abrasive wheel with practical cut courses, when making your booking please let us know what type of abrasive wheel you use as we will aim to show a few different type and will try to ensure we use the one requested. 

Cartridge Tools 

Grassland Tools

Tools such as nail guns

We can offer cartridge tool awareness courses or more specific courses to your required tool, please contact us with your requirements. 

We can offer many different grassland courses including a bespoke groundskeeper course aimed at the variety of jobs a grounds keeper may do.

Grassland tools causes can be mixed together but we offer, mower courses, strimmer/brush cutter courses, hedge cutter courses, wood chipper/shredder courses. 

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